Dusk is the period of time between sunset and nightfall. Many parents allow their children to roam freely in their neighborhood as long as they are home by dusk.

For some, dusk is seen as a mysterious, almost magical time, serving as the bridge between the brightness of day and the darkness of night. The English language contains numerous synonyms for dusk including crepuscule, evenfall, and gloaming. Owing perhaps to the mystical qualities associated with dusk, these words are better suited for poetry than for daily use.

Definitions of dusk
  1. noun
    the time of day immediately following sunset
    synonyms: crepuscle, crepuscule, evenfall, fall, gloam, gloaming, nightfall, twilight
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    a shortening of nightfall
    type of:
    hour, time of day
    clock time
  2. verb
    become dusk
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    type of:
    become dark or darker
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