1. drive away force to go away
  2. driveway a road leading up to a private house
  3. drive operate or control a vehicle
  4. derive come from
  5. draw cause to move by pulling
  6. trivia something of small importance
  7. thrive make steady progress
  8. drove a group of animals (a herd or flock) moving together
  9. drift away lose personal contact over time
  10. trifle away spend wastefully
  11. trivial (informal) small and of little importance
  12. drivel saliva spilling from the mouth
  13. draw off remove by drawing or pulling
  14. drive home carry out or perform
  15. driven compelled forcibly by an outside agency
  16. trivially in a frivolously trivial manner
  17. derived formed or developed from something else; not original
  18. drive off force to go away
  19. driver someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle
  20. drive out force or drive out