1. double over bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain
  2. double vision visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects
  3. double reverse (American football) a running play in which a first reverse is followed by a second reverse
  4. double first a first-class honours degree in two subjects
  5. double cross an act of betrayal
  6. double birdie shoot two strokes under par
  7. double cream fresh soft French cheese containing at least 60% fat
  8. double creme cream with a fat content of 48% or more
  9. double reed a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together to produce the sound in some woodwinds
  10. double bar notation marking the end of principal parts of a musical composition; two adjacent bar lines
  11. double feature two games instead of one
  12. table service tableware consisting of a complete set of articles (silver or dishware) for use at table
  13. double rhyme a two-syllable rhyme
  14. double fault (tennis) two successive faults in serving resulting in the loss of the point
  15. double-geared equipped with compound gearing consisting of 2 pinions and 2 wheels in mesh to increase the mechanical advantage
  16. double sharp a musical notation of two sharps in front of a note indicating that it is to be raised by two semitones
  17. double door two vertical doors that meet in the middle of the door frame when closed
  18. double flat a musical notation of two flats in front of a note indicating that it is to be lowered by two semitones
  19. double-park park a vehicle alongside another
  20. doubletree a crossbar on a wagon or carriage to which two whiffletrees are attached in order to harness two horses abreast