1. dollar sign a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars
  2. tolerance willingness to respect the beliefs or practices of others
  3. Larus canus the common gull of Eurasia and northeastern North America
  4. larcenous having a disposition to steal
  5. fluorescence light emitted during absorption of radiation of some other (invisible) wavelength
  6. decorousness propriety in manners and conduct
  7. florescence the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms
  8. oleoresin a naturally occurring mixture of a resin and an essential oil; obtained from certain plants
  9. Belarusian of or pertaining to Belarus or to the people or culture of Belarus
  10. diverseness noticeable heterogeneity
  11. valorousness the qualities of a hero or heroine
  12. toper's nose enlargement of the nose with dilation of follicles and redness and prominent vascularity of the skin; often associated with excessive consumption of alcohol
  13. Tuileries Gardens formal gardens next to the Louvre in Paris
  14. Silurus glanis large elongated catfish of central and eastern Europe
  15. collard greens kale that has smooth leaves
  16. talipes equinus talipes in which the toes are pointed downward
  17. efflorescence the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms
  18. polar zone the part of the Earth's surface forming a cap over a pole
  19. hell raising making trouble just for the fun of it
  20. timorousness fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions