1. douglas fir tall evergreen timber tree of western North America having resinous wood and short needles
  2. Dog Star the brightest star in the sky; in Canis Major
  3. taxi fare the fare charged for riding in a taxicab
  4. thus far used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time
  5. dog's dinner a poor job; a mess
  6. take for keep in mind or convey as a conviction or view
  7. dog's mercury European perennial weedy plant with greenish flowers
  8. tax-free (of goods or funds) not taxed
  9. tax form a form to use when paying your taxes
  10. squeeze for squeeze someone for money, information, etc.
  11. Texas fever an infectious disease of cattle transmitted by the cattle tick
  12. God's acre the yard associated with a church
  13. goat's rue perennial subshrub of eastern North America having downy leaves yellowish and rose flowers and; source of rotenone
  14. dogsbody a worker who has to do all the unpleasant or boring jobs that no one else wants to do
  15. texture the feel of a surface or a fabric
  16. Tewkesbury the final battle of the War of the Roses in 1471 in which Edward IV defeated the Lancastrians
  17. dog-sized having the approximate size of an average dog
  18. goat's foot short-stemmed South African plant with bluish flowers
  19. dog food food prepared for dogs
  20. dog sled a sled pulled by dogs