1. doctrine a belief accepted as authoritative by some group or school
  2. doctor up alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive
  3. doctrinaire a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions
  4. doctrinal relating to or involving or preoccupied with doctrine
  5. factoring (mathematics) the resolution of an entity into factors such that when multiplied together they give the original entity
  6. doctrinally as a matter of doctrine
  7. string up kill by hanging
  8. torturing the deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason
  9. lecturing teaching by giving a discourse on some subject
  10. doctorspeak medical jargon
  11. picturing visual representation as by photography or painting
  12. drying up the process of extracting moisture
  13. drink up drink to the last drop
  14. Victorian age a period in British history during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century; her character and moral standards restored the prestige of the British monarchy but gave the era a prudish reputation
  15. dead ringer a person who is almost identical to another
  16. catering providing food and services
  17. nocturnal belonging to or active during the night
  18. Kettering United States electrical engineer who made numerous automotive improvements (including the electric starter) (1876-1958)
  19. doctorial of or relating to a doctor or doctorate
  20. shoring up the act of propping up with shores