1. divine revelation communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency
  2. revelation the act of making something evident
  3. disinflation a reduction of prices intended to improve the balance of payments
  4. revolution a single complete turn
  5. green revolution the introduction of pesticides and high-yield grains and better management during the 1960s and 1970s which greatly increased agricultural productivity
  6. defibrillation treatment by stopping fibrillation of heart muscles
  7. Cuban Revolution the revolution led by Fidel Castro and a small band of guerrilla fighters against a corrupt dictatorship in Cuba; 1956-1959
  8. overvaluation an appraisal that is too high
  9. Russian Revolution the revolution against the czarist government which led to the abdication of Nicholas II and the creation of a provisional government in March 1917
  10. divination the art or gift of prophecy by supernatural means
  11. deregulation the act of freeing from rules
  12. inflation the act of filling something with air
  13. veneration a feeling of profound respect for someone or something
  14. innervation the neural or electrical arousal of an organ or muscle or gland
  15. Revelation the last book of the New Testament
  16. French Revolution the revolution in France against the Bourbons; 1789-1799
  17. counterrevolution a revolution whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by a previous revolution
  18. Chinese Revolution the republican revolution against the Manchu dynasty in China; 1911-1912
  19. Book of Revelation the last book of the New Testament
  20. rate of inflation the rate of change of prices (as indicated by a price index) calculated on a monthly or annual basis

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