1. dismiss stop associating with
  2. dismay the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles
  3. disease an impairment of health
  4. dismal causing dejection
  5. demise the time when something ends
  6. discuss to consider or examine in speech or writing
  7. disclose expose to view as by removing a cover
  8. disseminate cause to become widely known
  9. dissemble behave unnaturally or affectedly
  10. dispose give, sell, or transfer to another
  11. dissent a difference of opinion
  12. discourse an extended communication dealing with some particular topic
  13. dismission official notice that you have been fired from your job
  14. cosmos the universe considered as a whole
  15. ditchmoss submerged freshwater perennials
  16. disguise any attire that conceals the wearer's identity
  17. discus an athletic competition in which a circular object is thrown
  18. dissension disagreement among those expected to cooperate
  19. dismissive showing indifference or disregard
  20. disuse the state of something that has been neglected