1. disk clutch a friction clutch in which the frictional surfaces are disks
  2. disk cache a cache that stores copies of frequently used disk sectors in random access memory (RAM) so they can be read without accessing the slower disk
  3. declutch disengage the clutch of a car
  4. discretion power of making choices unconstrained by external agencies
  5. discourse an extended communication dealing with some particular topic
  6. desk clerk a hotel receptionist
  7. discrepancy a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
  8. sackcloth a coarse cloth resembling sacking
  9. dusky-coloured having a dark color
  10. dusky-colored having a dark color
  11. disklike having a flat circular shape
  12. discreetly with discretion; prudently and with wise self-restraint
  13. disclike having a flat circular shape
  14. dyscalculia impaired ability to learn grade-appropriate mathematics
  15. disqualify make unfit or unsuitable
  16. dissolution separation into component parts
  17. discolor cause to lose or change hue
  18. clutch take hold of; grab
  19. discolour cause to lose or change hue
  20. discoidal having a flat circular shape

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