1. discomfort the state of being tense and feeling pain
  2. discourse an extended communication dealing with some particular topic
  3. discomfiture anxious embarrassment
  4. discourteous showing no politeness
  5. discomfited people who are defeated
  6. comfort zone the temperature range (between 28 and 30 degrees Centigrade) at which the naked human body is able to maintain a heat balance without shivering or sweating
  7. discomycetous relating to or characteristic of fungi of the subclass Discomycetes
  8. comfortless without comfort
  9. Discomycetes a large and taxonomically difficult group of Ascomycetes in which the fleshy fruiting body is disklike or cup-shaped
  10. discomfit cause to lose one's composure
  11. discrimination unfair treatment of a person or group based on prejudice
  12. discourteously in an impolite manner
  13. discourtesy a lack of politeness
  14. comfortable providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief
  15. disconcerting causing an emotional disturbance
  16. comforts things that make you comfortable and at ease
  17. discovered discovered or determined by scientific observation
  18. discordance strife resulting from a lack of agreement
  19. Louis Comfort Tiffany United States artist who developed Tiffany glass (1848-1933)
  20. vascular tissue tissue that conducts water and nutrients through the plant body in higher plants