1. disc harrow a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle
  2. disk harrow a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle
  3. discourse an extended communication dealing with some particular topic
  4. disagree be of different opinions
  5. discreet marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint
  6. discrete constituting a separate entity or part
  7. discretion power of making choices unconstrained by external agencies
  8. Dioscorea yams
  9. discard anything that is cast aside
  10. discord lack of agreement or harmony
  11. discursive tending to cover a wide range of subjects
  12. dysgraphia a condition characterized by impaired ability to write
  13. disclaimer a voluntary repudiation of legal claim to something
  14. disclosure the act of making something evident
  15. disk error error resulting from malfunction of a magnetic disk
  16. discourage try to prevent; show opposition to
  17. T-square a square used by draftsmen to draw parallel lines
  18. discover determine the existence, presence, or fact of
  19. discovery the act of finding something
  20. disc drive computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it