When something's disarming, it calms hostility. A disarming smile from you can transform what could have been a tense conversation with an angry neighbor.

When you disarm a security system, it won't go off — everything is okay. The same thing happens when you act in a disarming way. A disarming gesture can make people feel less on their guard, like a famous actor whose disarming gesture shows he doesn't take himself so seriously after all. Disarming can also refer to the act of reducing military arms, or weapons.

Definitions of disarming

n act of reducing or depriving of arms

armament, arming, equipping
the act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war
Type of:
demobilisation, demobilization
act of changing from a war basis to a peace basis including disbanding or discharging troops

adj capable of allaying hostility

unprovocative, unprovoking
not provocative

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