1. dirty pool conduct that is unfair or unethical or unsportsmanlike
  2. dirt ball a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect
  3. trade policy a government's policy controlling foreign trade
  4. birthplace the place where someone was born
  5. dirty bomb an atom bomb that leaves considerable radioactive contamination
  6. dart player someone who plays the game of darts
  7. dirtiness the state of containing dirty impurities
  8. destabilize make unsturdy, insecure, or less able to function smoothly
  9. destabilise become unstable
  10. dirtily in a filthy unclean manner
  11. trade bill a statute that would regulate foreign trade
  12. rateables property that provides tax income for local governments
  13. portable saw a circular saw that is portable and is operated with a hand grip
  14. ratables property that provides tax income for local governments
  15. dirty tricks underhand commercial or political behavior designed to discredit an opponent
  16. star topology the topology of a network whose components are connected to a hub
  17. north-polar of or relating to the Arctic
  18. dollar diplomacy diplomacy influenced by economic considerations
  19. dart board a circular board of wood or cork used as the target in the game of darts
  20. irritable easily annoyed

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