1. trim back cut down on; make a reduction in
  2. decriminalize make legal
  3. diagrammatic shown or represented by diagrams
  4. decriminalise make legal
  5. dichromatic having two colors
  6. diagrammatically in a diagrammatic manner
  7. diagrammatical shown or represented by diagrams
  8. drum brake hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to the inside of a spinning drum by the brake shoe
  9. crampbark deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berries
  10. trembling vibrating slightly and irregularly
  11. tremble move quickly and involuntarily up and down or sideways
  12. dirt ball a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect
  13. grumble make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath
  14. diagramming providing a chart or outline of a system
  15. grumbling a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone
  16. crumble break or fall apart into fragments
  17. carambola East Indian tree bearing deeply ridged yellow-brown fruit
  18. garambulla arborescent cactus of western Mexico bearing a small oblong edible berrylike fruit
  19. trembles disease of livestock and especially cattle poisoned by eating certain kinds of snakeroot
  20. grumbler a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining