1. delinquent a young offender
  2. stringent demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
  3. contingent determined by conditions or circumstances that follow
  4. digging the act of digging
  5. digging up the act of digging something out of the ground (especially a corpse) where it has been buried
  6. diggings an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology
  7. dig into examine physically with or as if with a probe
  8. packing nut a nut used to tighten a stuffing box
  9. sticking point a point at which an impasse arises in progress toward an agreement or a goal
  10. king nut hickory of the eastern United States resembling the shagbark but having a much larger nut
  11. terra incognita an unknown and unexplored region
  12. dogging relentless and indefatigable in pursuit or as if in pursuit
  13. taking hold the act of gripping something firmly with the hands
  14. ducking stool an instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were ducked in water
  15. technicality a detail that is considered insignificant
  16. take into account allow or plan for a certain possibility
  17. fishing net a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in
  18. technocrat an advocate of technocracy
  19. cotton candy a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature
  20. indigent poor enough to need help from others