1. superfluous more than is needed, desired, or required
  2. Taxus brevifolia small or medium irregularly branched tree of the Pacific coast of North America; yields fine hard close-grained wood
  3. fat-soluble vitamin any vitamin that is soluble in fats
  4. water-soluble vitamin any vitamin that is soluble in water
  5. exasperating extremely annoying or displeasing
  6. genus Pseudomonas type genus of the family Pseudomonodaceae
  7. myxosporidian mostly parasitic in fishes and including various serious pathogens
  8. superficial of, affecting, or being on or near the surface
  9. exasperation actions that cause great irritation
  10. provitamin A an orange isomer of an unsaturated hydrocarbon found in many plants; is converted into vitamin A in the liver
  11. provitamin vitamin precursor
  12. hypervitaminosis an abnormal condition resulting from taking vitamins excessively; can be serious for vitamins A or D or K
  13. exasperated greatly annoyed; out of patience
  14. providence prudence and care exercised in the management of resources
  15. disapproving expressing or manifesting disapproval
  16. genus Periophthalmus a genus of Gobiidae
  17. Dictamnus a dicotyledonous genus of the family Rutaceae
  18. Coccus hesperidum pest on citrus trees
  19. genus Eburophyton a monocotyledonous genus of the family Orchidaceae
  20. genus Spartina grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands