1. developmental of or relating to or constituting development
  2. developmentally with respect to development
  3. developmental age a measure of a child's development (in body size or motor skill or psychological function) expressed in terms of age norms
  4. development a process in which something passes to a different stage
  5. developmental psychology the branch of psychology that studies the social and mental development of children
  6. developmentally challenged people collectively who are mentally retarded
  7. developmental anatomy the branch of anatomy that studies structural changes of an individual from fertilization to maturity
  8. redevelopment authority a public administrative unit given responsibility for the renovation of blighted urban areas
  9. redevelopment the act of improving by renewing and restoring
  10. developing of societies with low levels of industrial capability
  11. devolvement the delegation of authority
  12. devilment reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
  13. developmental learning learning that takes place as a normal part of cognitive development
  14. defilement the state of being polluted
  15. divulgement the act of disclosing something that was secret or private
  16. envelopment the act of enclosing something inside something else
  17. settlement house a center in an underprivileged area that provides community services
  18. department store a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part of a retail chain
  19. carbon cycle the organic circulation of carbon from the atmosphere into organisms and back again
  20. developed being changed over time, as to be stronger or more complete