1. desperate straits a state of extreme distress
  2. declaratory sentence a sentence (in the indicative mood) that makes a declaration
  3. suborder Serpentes snakes
  4. respiratory quotient the ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide expired to the volume of oxygen consumed by an organism or cell in a given period of time
  5. presentiment a feeling of evil to come
  6. discontentment a longing for something better than the present situation
  7. presentment an accusation of crime made by a grand jury on its own initiative
  8. asbestos abatement the removal of asbestos from a public building
  9. respiratory center the center in the medulla oblongata and pons that integrates sensory information about the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and determines the signals to be sent to the respiratory muscles
  10. property settlement (matrimonial law) the division of property owned or acquired by marriage partners during their marriage
  11. dispersing medium a substance in which another is colloidally dispersed
  12. desperate criminal a bold outlaw (especially on the American frontier)
  13. disappointment dissatisfaction when expectations are not realized
  14. Greater Sunda Islands a chain of islands including Borneo and Celebes and Java and Sumatra
  15. disbursement the act of spending money
  16. Crataegus tomentosa erect and almost thornless American hawthorn with somewhat pear-shaped berries
  17. Hudsonia tomentosa small heathlike plant covered with white down growing on beaches in northeastern North America
  18. respiratory system the system for taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide; in terrestrial animals this is accomplished by breathing
  19. respiratory syncytial virus a paramyxovirus that forms syncytia in tissue culture and that is responsible for severe respiratory diseases such as bronchiolitis and bronchial pneumonia (especially in children)
  20. arteria ascendens the branch of the ileocolic artery that supplies the ascending colon

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