1. designate design or destine
  2. design the act of working out the form of something
  3. decency the quality of conforming to rules of propriety and morality
  4. designer someone who creates plans to be used in making something
  5. designed done or made or performed with purpose and intent
  6. designation the act of identifying something
  7. diligence conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task
  8. dyskinesia abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements
  9. dissonance disagreeable sounds
  10. duskiness the state of being poorly illuminated
  11. desiccant a substance that promotes drying
  12. designatum something that is referred to by a linguistic expression
  13. dizziness a reeling sensation; a feeling that you are about to fall
  14. descent a movement downward
  15. designative serving to designate
  16. conscience motivation deriving from ethical or moral principles
  17. designing the act of working out the form of something
  18. decision a position or opinion reached after consideration
  19. dozens a large number or amount
  20. designedly with intention; in an intentional manner