1. disinvolve free from involvement or entanglement
  2. sunflower seed edible seed of sunflowers
  3. naval forces an organization of military vessels belonging to a country and available for sea warfare
  4. convolvulus any of numerous plants of the genus Convolvulus
  5. desulfurize remove sulfur from
  6. vesiculovirus an animal virus that causes vesicular stomatitis
  7. Sunflower State a state in midwestern United States
  8. silver sage low much-branched perennial of western United States having silvery leaves; an important browse and shelter plant
  9. dissolver a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances
  10. disenfranchised deprived of the rights of citizenship, as the right to vote
  11. disenfranchise deprive of voting rights
  12. Korean velvet grass Asiatic creeping perennial grass
  13. Western silvery aster a variety of aster
  14. desulphurize remove sulfur from
  15. Convolvulaceae morning glory
  16. sunflower oil oil from sunflower seeds
  17. genus Volvaria agarics having pink spores and a distinct volva
  18. sinfulness estrangement from god
  19. genus Volvariella an important genus of mushrooms in the Orient
  20. silverside small fishes having a silver stripe along each side

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