1. disinvolve free from involvement or entanglement
  2. Korean velvet grass Asiatic creeping perennial grass
  3. San Salvador the capital and largest city of El Salvador
  4. involved connected by participation or association or use
  5. dissolved (of solid matter) reduced to a liquid form
  6. uninvolved not engaged or taking part
  7. Senefelder German printer who invented lithography (1771-1834)
  8. convoluted highly complex or intricate
  9. dissolver a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances
  10. desensitize cause to be less responsive to or affected by something
  11. disenfranchise deprive of voting rights
  12. disinterest tolerance attributable to a lack of involvement
  13. slaughterous accompanied by bloodshed
  14. genus Opheodrys North American green snakes
  15. Salvadoraceae a family of Old World shrubs and trees of order Gentianales
  16. convolvulus any of numerous plants of the genus Convolvulus
  17. desensitise cause not to be sensitive
  18. eigenvalue of a matrix (mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant
  19. involuntary not subject to the control of the will
  20. slaughterhouse a building where animals are butchered