1. depicted object something (a person or object or scene) selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation
  2. direct object the object that receives the direct action of the verb
  3. retained object an object in a passive construction
  4. objective the goal intended to be attained
  5. indirect object the object that is the recipient or beneficiary of the action of the verb
  6. depicted represented graphically by sketch or design or lines
  7. mental object the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
  8. directed verdict a verdict entered by the court in a jury trial without consideration by the jury
  9. Kuiper belt object any of many minor planets in the Kuiper belt outside the orbit of Neptune at the edge of the solar system
  10. physical object a tangible and visible entity
  11. pilot project activity planned as a test or trial
  12. pocketed bat small brown bat of California and northern Mexico
  13. liege subject a person holding a fief
  14. sex object any person regarded simply as an object of sexual gratification
  15. art object a work of art of some artistic value
  16. depicting a representation by picture or portraiture
  17. pickpocket a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places
  18. short subject a brief film; often shown prior to showing the feature
  19. picket boat a boat serving as a picket
  20. depict give a description of

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