1. dental amalgam an alloy of mercury with another metal (usually silver) used by dentists to fill cavities in teeth; except for iron and platinum all metals dissolve in mercury and chemists refer to the resulting mercury mixtures as amalgams
  2. Santalum album parasitic tree of Indonesia and Malaysia having fragrant close-grained yellowish heartwood with insect repelling properties and used, e.g., for making chests
  3. dental plaque a film of mucus and bacteria deposited on the teeth that encourages the development of dental caries
  4. dental implant an implant that replaces a natural tooth
  5. dental anatomy the branch of gross anatomy concerning with the morphology of teeth
  6. mental image an iconic mental representation
  7. dental appliance a device to repair teeth or replace missing teeth
  8. mental imagery the ability to form mental images of things or events
  9. dental floss a soft thread for cleaning the spaces between the teeth
  10. dental plate a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth
  11. dental care care for the teeth
  12. dental gold an alloy of gold used in dentistry
  13. dental surgeon a dentist qualified to perform surgical procedures
  14. dental surgery the branch of dentistry involving surgical procedures
  15. dental school a graduate school offering study leading to degrees in dentistry
  16. Gentleman Jim United States heavyweight boxing champion (1866-1933)
  17. gentlemanlike befitting a man of good breeding
  18. mental block an inability to remember or think of something you normally can do; often caused by emotional tension
  19. Entoloma lividum a deadly poisonous agaric
  20. dental medicine the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth

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