1. deficiency disease any disease caused by a lack of an essential nutrient
  2. Thomsen's disease a mild, rare, congenital form of myotonia characterized by muscle stiffness
  3. Addison's disease a glandular disorder caused by failure of function of the cortex of the adrenal gland and marked by anemia and prostration with brownish skin
  4. Hansen's disease chronic granulomatous communicable disease occurring in tropical and subtropical regions; characterized by inflamed nodules beneath the skin and wasting of body parts; caused by the bacillus Mycobacterium leprae
  5. Wilson's disease a rare inherited disorder of copper metabolism
  6. Bosin's disease a rare chronic progressive encephalitis caused by the measles virus and occurring primarily in children and young adults; death usually occurs within three years; characterized by primary measles infection before the age of two years
  7. deficiency lack of an adequate quantity or number
  8. Tay-Sachs disease a hereditary disorder of lipid metabolism occurring most frequently in individuals of Jewish descent in eastern Europe; accumulation of lipids in nervous tissue results in death in early childhood
  9. Darier's disease a rare hereditary condition marked by dark crusted patches
  10. desensitise cause not to be sensitive
  11. Hodgkin's disease a malignant disorder in which there is progressive (but painless) enlargement of lymph tissue followed by enlargement of the spleen and liver
  12. deficient inadequate in amount or degree
  13. Gaucher's disease a rare chronic disorder of lipid metabolism of genetic origin
  14. caisson disease pain resulting from rapid change in pressure
  15. desensitize cause to be less responsive to or affected by something
  16. Dutch elm disease disease of elms caused by a fungus
  17. desensitisation the process of reducing sensitivity
  18. Weil's disease a severe form of leptospirosis in human beings
  19. kissing disease an acute disease characterized by fever and swollen lymph nodes and an abnormal increase of mononuclear leucocytes or monocytes in the bloodstream; not highly contagious; some believe it can be transmitted by kissing
  20. wasting disease involving the lungs with progressive wasting of the body