1. sacrosanct treated as if holy and kept free from violation or criticism
  2. decreasing becoming less or smaller
  3. decrescendo (music) a gradual decrease in loudness
  4. treasonist someone who betrays his country by committing treason
  5. degree centigrade a degree on the centigrade scale of temperature
  6. decree nisi a decree issued on a first petition for divorce
  7. decorousness propriety in manners and conduct
  8. decanoic acid a fatty acid found in animal oils and fats
  9. anxiety a vague unpleasant emotion in anticipation of a misfortune
  10. decrement a process of becoming smaller or shorter
  11. decreased made less in size or amount or degree
  12. overanxiety excessive anxiety
  13. crow's nest platform for a lookout at or near the top of a mast
  14. genus Anagasta moth whose larvae are flour moths
  15. Carson City capital of the state of Nevada; located in western Nevada
  16. decreasing monotonic consistently decreasing
  17. docosahexaenoic acid an omega-3 fatty acid with 22 carbon atoms; found in fish
  18. persnickety characterized by excessive attention to trivial details
  19. Dicrostonyx pied lemmings
  20. Gardenia augusta evergreen shrub widely cultivated for its large fragrant waxlike white flowers and glossy leaves