1. declare oneself ask (someone) to marry you
  2. bring oneself cause to undertake a certain action, usually used in the negative
  3. extend oneself strain to the utmost
  4. cross oneself make the sign of the cross; in the Catholic religion
  5. lend oneself be applicable to; as to an analysis
  6. clearing house a central collection place where banks exchange checks or drafts; participants maintain an account against which credits or debits are posted
  7. lower oneself debase oneself morally, act in an undignified, unworthy, or dishonorable way
  8. kill oneself strain oneself more than is healthy
  9. trouble oneself take the trouble to do something; concern oneself
  10. declaration a statement that is emphatic and explicit
  11. bestir oneself start to be active
  12. glaringly in a glaring manner
  13. betake oneself displace oneself; go from one location to another
  14. pride oneself feel proud of
  15. find oneself accept and make use of one's personality, abilities, and situation
  16. nuclear engineering the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors
  17. help oneself abstain from doing; always used with a negative
  18. band oneself attach oneself to a group
  19. drunkenness a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol
  20. thing-in-itself the intellectual conception of a thing as it is in itself, not as it is known through perception