Use the verb declaim when someone is speaking very passionately against something, like when you declaim against having to be home by 8 p.m.

Declaim can also describe reciting words aloud for practice. If you're learning a new language, you might declaim a sentence until it sounds clear and natural when you say it. Declaim was originally spelled declame, similar to the Latin word declamare, meaning "to practice public speaking," but later became declaim as its other meaning came into greater use.

Definitions of declaim
  1. verb
    recite in elocution
    synonyms: recite
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    declaim in an elocutionary manner
    deliver an oration in grandiloquent style
    read metrically
    type of:
    do, execute, perform
    carry out or perform an action
  2. verb
    speak against in an impassioned manner
    “he declaimed against the wasteful ways of modern society”
    synonyms: inveigh
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    type of:
    utter words of protest
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Vocabulary Shout-Out: Gina Bellafante for "Declaim"

Kudos to New York Times "Big City" columnist Gina Bellafante for invoking an ancient "-claim" in "declaimed absurdities."

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