1. debar prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening
  2. Tabora a city in western Tanzania
  3. dobra the basic unit of money on Sao Tome e Principe
  4. dewberry any of several trailing blackberry brambles especially of North America
  5. debris the remains of something that has been destroyed
  6. tabor a small drum with one head of soft calfskin
  7. Deparia classification used for 5 species of terrestrial ferns usually placed in other genera
  8. debonair having a sophisticated charm
  9. debauchery a wild gathering involving drinking and promiscuity
  10. debouch march out (as from a defile) into open ground
  11. debtor a person who owes a creditor
  12. deport expel from a country
  13. tabour a small drum with one head of soft calfskin
  14. dibrach a metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed syllables
  15. debark exit from a vehicle, especially a boat
  16. debonaire having a sophisticated charm
  17. deplore express strong disapproval of
  18. debauch a wild gathering involving excessive drinking
  19. diaspora the dispersion of something that was originally localized
  20. deportee a person who is expelled from home or country by authority