1. falsifiable capable of being tested by experiment or observation
  2. discoverable capable of being ascertained or found out
  3. unachievable impossible to achieve
  4. achievable capable of existing or taking place or proving true
  5. dissolvable capable of dissolving
  6. classifiable capable of being classified
  7. disavowable capable of being disavowed
  8. believable capable of being accepted as true
  9. tail assembly the rear part of an aircraft
  10. unachievably in an unattainable manner or to an unattainable degree
  11. liquefiable capable of being liquefied
  12. liquifiable capable of being liquefied
  13. false gavial crocodile of southeast Asia similar to but smaller than the gavial
  14. receivable awaiting payment
  15. perceivable capable of being perceived especially by sight or hearing
  16. telescopically in a telescopic manner
  17. conceivable capable of being imagined
  18. telegraph pole tall pole supporting telephone wires
  19. telescope a magnifier of images of distant objects
  20. realizable capable of being realized