1. dark red a red color that reflects little light
  2. dark-haired having hair of a dark color
  3. darkened become or made dark by lack of light
  4. Turkey red a bright orange-red color produced in cotton cloth with alizarine dye
  5. dark bread bread made with whole wheat flour
  6. dark meat the flesh of the legs of fowl used as food
  7. directed (often used in combination) having a specified direction
  8. tortured experiencing intense pain especially mental pain
  9. door guard someone who guards an entrance
  10. darkroom a place in which photographic film is developed
  11. dark horse a racehorse about which little is known
  12. Tancred Norman leader in the First Crusade who played an important role in the capture of Jerusalem (1078-1112)
  13. required necessary by rule
  14. dog-eared worn or shabby from overuse or (of pages) from having corners turned down
  15. brick red a bright reddish-brown color
  16. dark-colored having a dark color
  17. dark-fruited bearing dark fruit
  18. retrograde moving or directed or tending in a backward direction
  19. regard the condition of being honored or respected
  20. dark-green of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum