1. order Graminales grasses; sedges; rushes
  2. war criminal an offender who violates international law during times of war
  3. Sabinea carinalis small Dominican tree bearing masses of large crimson flowers before the fine pinnate foliage emerges
  4. cybercrime crime committed using a computer and the internet
  5. desperate criminal a bold outlaw (especially on the American frontier)
  6. supercritical (especially of fissionable material) able to sustain a chain reaction in such a manner that the rate of reaction increases
  7. decriminalise make legal
  8. Sorbus torminalis European tree bearing edible small speckled brown fruit
  9. decriminalize make legal
  10. subliminal below the threshold of conscious perception
  11. criminalise declare illegal; outlaw
  12. subterminal near but not precisely at an end
  13. procurement the act of getting possession of something
  14. acrimonious marked by strong resentment or cynicism
  15. criminal someone who has committed a punishable act
  16. recriminate return an accusation against someone or engage in mutual accusations; charge in return
  17. criminalize declare illegal; outlaw
  18. habitual criminal someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior
  19. Borago officinalis hairy blue-flowered European annual herb long used in herbal medicine and eaten raw as salad greens or cooked like spinach
  20. Selar crumenophthalmus of Atlantic coastal waters; commonly used for bait