1. current unit a measure of the amount of electric charge flowing past a circuit point at a specific time
  2. round shot a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon
  3. groundsheet a waterproofed piece of cloth spread on the ground (as under a tent) to protect from moisture
  4. current assets assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)
  5. current account that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments
  6. current occurring in or belonging to the present time
  7. cornetist a musician who plays the trumpet or cornet
  8. currently at this time or period
  9. corn tash corn bread wrapped in cabbage leaves and baked in hot ashes
  10. quarantined under forced isolation for health reasons
  11. forehand shot (sports) a return made with the palm of the hand facing the direction of the stroke (as in tennis or badminton or squash)
  12. currentness the property of belonging to the present time
  13. currant bush any of various deciduous shrubs of the genus Ribes bearing currants
  14. charity shot an unhindered basketball shot from the foul line
  15. crack shot someone skilled in shooting
  16. print shop a workplace where printing is done
  17. current of air air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
  18. ground bait bait scattered on the water to attract fish
  19. friendship the state of being a helpful ally
  20. orientation the act of determining one's position