1. curriculum an integrated course of academic studies
  2. curricular of or relating to an academic course of study
  3. caracul hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia
  4. Gracula mynas
  5. curlicue a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles
  6. gurgle make sounds similar to bubbling water
  7. currishly in a currish manner; meanspiritedly
  8. auricula a pouch projecting from the top front of each atrium of the heart
  9. karakul hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia
  10. cuticula the outer body wall of an insect
  11. caruncula an outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds
  12. curiously in a manner differing from the usual or expected
  13. curtail terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end
  14. curacao flavored with sour orange peel
  15. furcula a forked bone formed by the fusion of the clavicles of most birds
  16. canicule the hot period between early July and early September
  17. Curacao a popular island resort in the Netherlands Antilles
  18. Canicula the brightest star in the sky; in Canis Major
  19. graticule a network of fine lines, dots, cross hairs, or wires in the focal plane of the eyepiece of an optical instrument
  20. Curcuma tropical Asiatic perennial herbs