1. cultivate adapt something wild to the environment
  2. culture all the knowledge and values shared by a society
  3. cultivar a variety of a plant developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation
  4. cultivation production of food by preparing the land to grow crops
  5. cultivated developed by human care and for human use
  6. cultivator a farm implement used to break up the surface of the soil
  7. cultivable (of farmland) capable of being farmed productively
  8. multifarious having many aspects
  9. multiphase of an electrical system that uses or generates two or more alternating voltages of the same frequency but differing in phase angle
  10. cultus a system of religious beliefs and rituals
  11. cultivatable (of farmland) capable of being farmed productively
  12. captivate attract; cause to be enamored
  13. volte-face a major change in attitude or principle or point of view
  14. cold fusion nuclear fusion at or near room temperatures
  15. relativize consider or treat as relative
  16. guiltiness the state of having committed an offense
  17. ultimacy the state or degree of being ultimate
  18. relativise consider or treat as relative
  19. cultural relating to the shared knowledge and values of a society
  20. Maldives a republic on the Maldive Islands