1. crab-eating fox wild dog of northern South America
  2. grazing fire fire approximately parallel to the ground
  3. crab-eating dog wild dog of northern South America
  4. casting vote the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to resolve a tie
  5. writing ink any permanent or washable ink used with pens
  6. greeting card a card sent to express personal greetings
  7. carving fork a large fork used in carving cooked meat
  8. creeping fern delicate fern of the eastern United States having a twining stem and palmately-lobed sterile fronds and forked fertile fronds
  9. curtain call an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience
  10. crab-eating macaque monkey of southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines
  11. grating unpleasantly harsh in sound
  12. greeting an acknowledgment or expression of good will
  13. clotting factor any of the factors in the blood whose actions are essential for blood coagulation
  14. getting even a reciprocal group action
  15. treading water a stroke that keeps the head above water by thrashing the legs and arms
  16. cutting off the act of cutting something off
  17. breathing machine a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure
  18. breathing time a short respite
  19. gratingly in a harsh and grating manner
  20. creative having the ability or power to invent or make something