1. create from raw material make from scratch
  2. creating from raw materials the act of creating something that is different from the materials that went into it
  3. create from raw stuff make from scratch
  4. contrast material a substance that is opaque to x-rays
  5. covering material a material used by builders to cover surfaces
  6. radiopharmaceutical pharmaceutical consisting of a radioactive compound used in radiation therapy
  7. reading material written material intended to be read
  8. written material the work of a writer
  9. waste of material a useless consumption of material
  10. radioactive material material that is radioactive
  11. photographic material light-sensitive paper on which photograph can be printed
  12. extraterrestrial originating, located, or occurring outside Earth
  13. colouring material any material used for its color
  14. greater masterwort European herb with aromatic roots and leaves in a basal tuft and showy compound umbels of white to rosy flowers
  15. coloring material any material used for its color
  16. roofing material building material used in constructing roofs
  17. reformatory tending to reform
  18. extraterritorial beyond the boundaries or control of a particular area
  19. creating by removal the act of creating by removing something
  20. greater whitethroat greyish-brown Old World warbler with a white throat and underparts