1. crazy quilt a patchwork quilt without a design
  2. Crazy Glue a commercial brand of epoxy glue
  3. tranquility an untroubled state that is free from disturbances
  4. radiculitis inflammation of the radicle of a nerve
  5. Chorizagrotis moths whose larvae are army cutworms
  6. Chrysochloris type genus of the Chrysochloridae
  7. crosscut saw handsaw that cuts at right angles to the grain
  8. iridocyclitis inflammation of the iris and ciliary body of the eye
  9. vasculitis inflammation of a blood vessel
  10. cross-cultural dealing with or comparing two or more cultures
  11. drawing lots making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn
  12. rascality reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
  13. Peccari angulatus dark grey peccary with an indistinct white collar
  14. tranquillity an untroubled state, free from disturbances
  15. crazily in an insane manner
  16. curate cycloid a cycloid generated by a point inside the rolling circle
  17. crisscross a marking that consists of lines that cross each other
  18. car sickness motion sickness experienced while traveling in a car
  19. terra sigillata earthenware made from the reddish-brown clay found on the Aegean island of Lemnos
  20. vesiculitis inflammation of a seminal vesicle