1. cram full packed full to capacity
  2. grateful feeling or showing thankfulness
  3. crateful the quantity contained in a crate
  4. brimfull filled to capacity
  5. gracefully in a graceful manner
  6. gratefully with appreciation; in a grateful manner
  7. careful exercising caution or showing attention
  8. graceful characterized by beauty of movement, style, or form
  9. carefully taking care or paying attention
  10. harmful causing or capable of causing damage
  11. dreamfully in a dreamy manner
  12. harmfully in a detrimental manner
  13. brimful filled to capacity
  14. Cromwell English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658)
  15. carful the quantity that a car will hold
  16. armful the quantity that can be contained in the limbs
  17. criminal someone who has committed a punishable act
  18. criminally in violation of the law; in a criminal manner
  19. garambulla arborescent cactus of western Mexico bearing a small oblong edible berrylike fruit
  20. caramel burnt sugar; used to color and flavor food