1. corpuscular theory of light (physics) the theory that light is transmitted as a stream of particles
  2. corpuscular theory (physics) the theory that light is transmitted as a stream of particles
  3. corpuscular radiation a stream of atomic or subatomic particles that may be charged positively (e.g. alpha particles) or negatively (e.g. beta particles) or not at all (e.g. neutrons)
  4. corpuscular of or relating to corpuscles
  5. crepuscular like or relating to twilight; dim
  6. corpuscular-radiation pressure the minute pressure exerted on a surface normal to the direction of propagation of a wave
  7. Corpus Christi Thursday after Trinity Sunday; first celebrated in 1246
  8. cold-water flat an apartment without modern conveniences
  9. corps de ballet the chorus of a ballet company
  10. kinetic theory of heat a theory that the temperature of a body increases when kinetic energy increases
  11. wave theory of light (physics) the theory that light is transmitted as waves
  12. Combretum erythrophyllum small South African tree having creamy yellow fragrant flowers usually growing on stream banks
  13. osculate kiss
  14. Becker muscular dystrophy a form of muscular dystrophy that sets in in adolescence or adulthood and progresses slowly but will affect all voluntary muscles; characterized by generalized weakness and muscle wasting that affects limb and trunk muscles first; similar to Duchenne's muscular dystrophy but less severe; inheritance is X-linked recessive (carried by females but affecting only males)
  15. vascular hemophilia a form of hemophilia discovered by Erik von Willebrand
  16. corpus delicti the body of evidence that constitute the offence
  17. Chrysochloridae golden moles
  18. corpus geniculatum mediale a neural structure that serves as the last of a series of processing centers along the auditory pathway from the cochlea to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex
  19. scalar field a field of scalars
  20. corpus luteum yellow endocrine tissue that forms in a ruptured Graafian follicle following the release of an ovum; it degenerates after a few days unless pregnancy has begun