1. Chrysochloris type genus of the Chrysochloridae
  2. Acorus calamus perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots
  3. genus Chloris tufted or perennial or annual grasses having runners: finger grass; windmill grass
  4. Chrysochloridae golden moles
  5. crisscross a marking that consists of lines that cross each other
  6. gres-gris an African amulet
  7. cross-cultural dealing with or comparing two or more cultures
  8. genus Gloriosa sometimes placed in family Colchicaceae
  9. corpuscular of or relating to corpuscles
  10. genus Clathrus type genus of the Clathraceae
  11. Grossulariaceae in some classifications considered a part of the family Saxifragaceae: plants whose fruit is a berry
  12. crepuscular like or relating to twilight; dim
  13. Brassica oleracea wild original of cultivated cabbages
  14. Gerres cinereus popular panfish from Bermuda and Gulf of Mexico to Brazil
  15. Corsican Army a terrorist organization founded in 1999 to oppose the link between nationalists and the Corsican mafia
  16. Carson McCullers United States novelist (1917-1967)
  17. car sickness motion sickness experienced while traveling in a car
  18. genus Cochlearius boatbills
  19. circularise cause to become widely known
  20. chorus girl a woman who dances in a chorus line