1. contrast the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared
  2. counteractively in a counteractive manner
  3. contrastive strikingly different
  4. contrastingly in a contrasting manner
  5. interoceptive of or relating to interoception
  6. contributive tending to bring about; being partly responsible for
  7. contractable (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection
  8. introspective given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences
  9. controversial marked by or capable of causing disagreement
  10. contractile capable of contracting or being contracted
  11. contretemps an awkward clash
  12. conceptive capable of conceiving
  13. conceptual being or characterized by ideas or their formation
  14. contralateral on or relating to the opposite side (of the body)
  15. contractual relating to or part of a binding legal agreement
  16. contradictorily in a contradictory manner
  17. contrast material a substance that is opaque to x-rays
  18. contrast medium a substance that is opaque to x-rays
  19. intractable difficult to manage or mold
  20. contractually by virtue of a contract