1. constraint the state of being physically limited
  2. construct make by combining materials and parts
  3. construe with go or occur together
  4. construe make sense of; assign a meaning to
  5. constrain hold back
  6. constrict squeeze or press together
  7. constrained lacking spontaneity; not natural
  8. construal an interpretation of the meaning of something
  9. considered carefully weighed
  10. considerate showing concern for the rights and feelings of others
  11. constitute form or compose
  12. constant uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing
  13. consider think about carefully; weigh
  14. constructive tending to improve or promote development
  15. consternate fill with anxiety, dread, dismay, or confusion
  16. clostridia spindle-shaped bacterial cell especially one swollen at the center by an endospore
  17. nonsteroid an organic compound that does no contain a steroid
  18. consort keep company with
  19. constituent one of the individual parts making up a composite entity
  20. constructor someone who contracts for and supervises construction

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