1. underexposure the act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a time
  2. considerable large in number, amount, extent, or degree
  3. considerably to a great extent or degree
  4. indecent exposure vulgar and offensive nakedness in a public place
  5. wind exposure exposure to the wind
  6. incidental expense (frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified
  7. underexpose expose insufficiently
  8. genus Atriplex orach; saltbush
  9. considerateness kind and considerate regard for others
  10. overexposure the act of exposing someone excessively to an influencing experience
  11. time exposure exposure of a film for a relatively long time
  12. genus Tripleurospermum small genus comprising plants often included in genus Matricaria
  13. consternation sudden shock or dismay that causes confusion
  14. consideration the process of giving careful thought to something
  15. order Plecoptera stoneflies
  16. considerately in a considerate manner
  17. risk of exposure the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent
  18. public exposure the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate
  19. construction paper paper suitable for drawing and making cutouts
  20. genus Trichosurus a genus of Phalangeridae