Consecrate means to make holy or to dedicate to a higher purpose. You need to consecrate a building to turn it into a church, but you can also consecrate a week in New York City to the pursuit of the perfect bagel.

The secr part of consecrate comes from the Latin sacer "sacred." Remember that something consecrated is dedicated to God and thus sacred. And then remember that the meanings of words tend to stretch; over time this one moved from "dedicated to God" to "dedicated to whatever": jelly donuts, the perfect tan, finding a solution to Rubik's Cube.

Definitions of consecrate
  1. verb
    give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
    consecrate your life to the church”
    synonyms: commit, dedicate, devote, give
    offer in good faith
    give, sacrifice
    endure the loss of
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    dedicate to a deity by a vow
    dedicate anew
    apply oneself to
    type of:
    apply, employ, use, utilise, utilize
    put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose
  2. verb
    dedicate to a deity by a vow
    synonyms: vow
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    type of:
    commit, dedicate, devote, give
    give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
  3. verb
    render holy by means of religious rites
    synonyms: bless, hallow, sanctify
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    deconsecrate, desecrate, unhallow
    remove the consecration from a person or an object
    consecrate anew, as after a desecration
    type of:
    state emphatically and authoritatively
  4. verb
    appoint to a clerical posts
    synonyms: ordain, order, ordinate
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    type of:
    enthrone, invest, vest
    provide with power and authority
  5. adjective
    solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose
    synonyms: consecrated, dedicated
    invested with ministerial or priestly functions
    dedicated in fulfillment of a vow
    belonging to or derived from or associated with a divine power
    concerned with religion or religious purposes
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    treated with contempt
    divested of consecration
    profaned, violated
    treated irreverently or sacrilegiously
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