1. congestive relating to or affected by an abnormal collection of blood or other fluid
  2. inexhaustible incapable of being entirely consumed or used up
  3. exhaustively in an exhaustive manner
  4. genus Styphelia Australian heathlike shrubs
  5. genus Staphylea a genus of small trees or shrubs of the family Staphylaceae
  6. inquisitive given to questioning
  7. inexhaustibly with indefatigable energy
  8. congested overfull as with blood
  9. king's evil a form of tuberculosis characterized by swellings of the lymphatic glands
  10. genus Stevia genus of shrubs and herbs of tropical and warm Americas
  11. Crataegus aestivalis hawthorn of southern United States bearing a juicy, acidic, scarlet fruit that is often used in jellies or preserves
  12. inquisitively with curiosity
  13. cooking stove a kitchen appliance used for cooking food
  14. exhaustive performed comprehensively and completely
  15. conquistador an adventurer
  16. conquest the act of defeating and taking control of
  17. religious festival a festival having religious significance
  18. Crocus sativus Old World crocus having purple or white flowers with aromatic pungent orange stigmas used in flavoring food
  19. nonexistent not having being or actuality
  20. conacaste tropical South American tree having a wide-spreading crown of bipinnate leaves and coiled ear-shaped fruits; grown for shade and ornament as well as valuable timber

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