Concentric describes something, like circles, that have a common center.

Concentric is from the Latin word concentricus, from com ("together") plus centrum ("center" or "circle"). So, concentric things have a center in common. If you play darts, you aim for the smallest red dot of those colorful concentric circles. Although it's usually used to describe circles, ideas can also be concentric if they have a common point, such as when your dreams revolve around a concentric theme of flying. The opposite word is eccentric ("not having a common center") like that oddball neighbor you have nothing in common with.

Definitions of concentric

adj having a common center

concentric rings”
concentrical, homocentric
coaxal, coaxial
having a common axis
eccentric, nonconcentric
not having a common center; not concentric
not centered or having no center
off-center, off-centered
situated away from the center or axis
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