1. common bile duct a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts
  2. common burdock a plant that is ubiquitous in all but very acid soil
  3. common lettuce annual or perennial garden plant having succulent leaves used in salads; widely grown
  4. common polypody mat-forming lithophytic or terrestrial fern with creeping rootstocks and large pinnatifid fronds found throughout North America and Europe and Africa and east Asia
  5. Commonwealth Day British, anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth
  6. common bird cherry small European cherry tree closely resembling the American chokecherry
  7. common white dogwood deciduous tree
  8. common apricot temperate zone tree bearing downy yellow to rosy fruits
  9. common yellowthroat an American warbler
  10. common milkwort small European perennial with numerous branches having racemes of blue, pink or white flowers; formerly reputed to promote human lactation
  11. conduct the way a person behaves toward other people
  12. common duckweed of temperate regions except eastern Asia and Australia
  13. commonplace completely ordinary and unremarkable
  14. common birch European birch with silvery white peeling bark and markedly drooping branches
  15. common lilac large European lilac naturalized in North America having heart-shaped ovate leaves and large panicles of highly fragrant lilac or white flowers
  16. common beech large European beech with minutely-toothed leaves
  17. common beet biennial Eurasian plant usually having a swollen edible root
  18. common European dogwood European deciduous shrub turning red in autumn having dull white flowers
  19. common buttercup perennial Old World buttercup with golden to sulphur yellow flowers in late spring to early summer; naturalized in North America
  20. commonwealth a political system in which power lies in a body of citizens