1. commodities market an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery
  2. collective agreement contract between labor and management governing wages and benefits and working conditions
  3. commodities exchange an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery
  4. commitment the act of binding yourself to a course of action
  5. disagreement a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters
  6. gender agreement agreement in grammatical gender between words in the same construction
  7. case agreement agreement in grammatical case between words in the same construction
  8. complement something added to embellish or make perfect
  9. written agreement a legal document summarizing the agreement between parties
  10. gentlemen's agreement a personal agreement based on honor and not legally binding
  11. compos mentis of sound mind, memory, and understanding
  12. commencement the act of starting something
  13. number agreement agreement in number between words in the same grammatical construction (e.g., between adjectives and the nouns they modify)
  14. merger agreement contract governing the merger of two or more companies
  15. Pooecetes gramineus common North American finch noted for its evening song
  16. sales agreement an agreement (or contract) in which property is transferred from the seller (vendor) to the buyer (vendee) for a fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer)
  17. detrimental causing harm or injury
  18. severance agreement an agreement on the terms on which an employee will leave
  19. fair-trade agreement an agreement (illegal in the United States) between the manufacturer of a trademarked item of merchandise and its retail distributors to sell the item at a price at or above the price set by the manufacturer
  20. foundation garment a woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body