1. comic book a magazine devoted to comic strips
  2. cookbook a book of recipes and cooking directions
  3. coming back the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction
  4. comeback a quick reply to a question or remark
  5. come back go back to something earlier
  6. mug book a file of mug shots
  7. comic opera opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken
  8. gemsbok large South African oryx with a broad black band along its flanks
  9. amicable characterized by friendship and good will
  10. checkbook a book issued to holders of checking accounts
  11. copybook a book containing models of good penmanship
  12. crookback a person whose back is hunched because of abnormal curvature of the upper spine
  13. comical arousing or provoking laughter
  14. come about come to pass
  15. comically in a manner arousing or provoking laughter
  16. chequebook a book issued to holders of checking accounts
  17. guidebook something that offers basic information or instruction
  18. workbook a student's book or booklet containing problems with spaces for solving them
  19. matchbook a small folder of paper safety matches
  20. comicality the quality of being comical