1. combat injury a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat
  2. competent properly or sufficiently qualified, capable, or efficient
  3. combatant someone who fights or is fighting
  4. competency the quality of being adequately or well qualified
  5. combinatory relating to or involving combinations
  6. competence the quality of being adequately or well qualified
  7. competitory involving competition or competitiveness
  8. computer a machine for performing calculations automatically
  9. competitor the contestant you hope to defeat
  10. competently with competence; in a competent capable manner
  11. computer guru an authority on computers and computing
  12. computing the procedure of calculating
  13. combat area a military area where combat forces operate
  14. comptroller someone who maintains and audits business accounts
  15. combatively in a bellicose contentious manner
  16. compatible able to exist and perform in harmonious combination
  17. conjure summon into action or bring into existence
  18. combat neurosis a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare
  19. common ginger tropical Asian plant widely cultivated for its pungent root
  20. combative having or showing a ready disposition to fight